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Great service and food. The breakfast burrito is fantastic and your coffee cup will never run dry. A real old school diner. It's just good food, fast.
Anthony F via - Oct 18, 2020
Great Place to Eat!
Try the hamburger steak! It was very good and the salad was fresh. The portions were large, the prices were very resonable and the service was good.
sp10js via - Oct 18, 2020
Three days straight great breakfast to start the ride ... read more
Lester Higgins via - Oct 18, 2020
This by far our favorite place to eat in Moab. Never found something on the menu I don't like, and the service is amazing!
Mat Parrish via - Oct 18, 2020
Smothered Sweetwater Skillet. That's all you need to know when getting breakfast in Moab. Come to the Moab diner and order a smothered sweetwater skillet. You won't regret it. I've been coming to Moab for many years and I always go to the diner for breakfast.
Travis Moroon via - Oct 18, 2020
Amazing food and service ... read more
Alex Smith via - Oct 18, 2020
We really enjoyed the friendly service and the food was really great. We liked that they offered a good variety and salads could be ordered with combos instead of fries. Prices were great too ... read more
Tamra Owens via - Oct 18, 2020
This place was amazing! The food was wonderful, the service was wonderful. I will definitely be back.
Matt Flanders via - Oct 17, 2020
Great food with great service!! Always a go to when we are in Moab.
Garrett Pierson via - Oct 17, 2020
Good food, fun environment. Will definitely return!
Christopher Carman via - Oct 17, 2020
Quick and yummy
We visited the diner after a U-Drive Slick Rock Tour. We were HUNGRY!!! While sharing a meal is usually plenty we got two meals (and malts) just to ensure our tummies got filled. We order the Chicken Sandwich and a French Dip... yum!!! Our food...came out quickly, and was wonderful (the malts might have been the big winner of the ... read more
Y3703JNmikeb via - Oct 17, 2020
Great Breakfast
We had breakfast prior to a long day of driving. We found the menu full of nice choices and the portions were very generous. We had different meals and we both found the food delicious.
gwrosie via - Oct 17, 2020
Wow. For how busy this place was. I was amazed at how fast and kindly the staff performed. And the food was all fantastic. Especially loved the sweetwater potatoes and the brown butter cake sundae. Definitely coming here again next time im in Moab.
Troy Banks via - Oct 17, 2020
10/10 would recommend! Food was ...
10/10 would recommend! Food was delicious and the service was fast and friendly. You have to try the Sweetwater potatoes, don't forget to ask them to smother it!
Thank you for an awesome diner experience!
Alyssa V. via - Oct 16, 2020
A repeat place to eat
We ate Breakfast and Dinner here. The Hamburger steak was very good and affordable Sweetwater Potatoes are a must try. French toast with carmelized pecans a very good choice! Portions are generous and wait staff very friendly and attentive ... read more
wanderingtraveler707 via - Oct 16, 2020
The milkshake food and service were exceptional! We had hamburger steaks with sweet water potatoes!
The milkshake food and service were exceptional! We had hamburger steaks with sweet water potatoes!! So good! The owner came by and thanked don for his military service and treated us to our supper! We felt truly thankful and blessed ! God bless the USA ... read more
Rebecca Faucheux Toups via - Oct 15, 2020
Always super good ... read more
Savannah Barr via - Oct 15, 2020
Went for breakfast just after
Went for breakfast just after they opened. Friendly and extremely fast service, great prices and a varied menu ... read more
Balgat via - Oct 15, 2020
This place seriously needs to be on diners drive-ins and dives hopefully you hear me Guy Fieri!
This place seriously needs to be on diners drive-ins and dives hopefully you hear me Guy Fieri!
Mark Banks via - Oct 15, 2020
Moab Diner has been our "go to" place for years when we visit Moab. They are fast and have wholesome food to keep us going on the trail ... read more
Scott Burkhardt via - Oct 14, 2020
Great prices, fast service!
Cory Cookingham via - Oct 14, 2020
Great Chef Salad
After being outside ALL DAY this was a nice place to sit down in stinky clothes to get a bite to eat. We got here at 7 p.m. It was crowded but we got in and out quickly. Our chef salads were loaded with mentioned on their menu. They gave a us a roll and plenty of dressing. We visited during Covid and this place didn ... read more
Wrangal via - Oct 14, 2020
My husband and I were coming
My husband and I were coming through town on our way from Arizona to Colorado. We stopped at Moab Diner because of other reviews that I had seen when I tried to find places to eat. When we pulled up, there were a few people...outside looking at menus, so we decided to go inside to see what the wait would be. The second we walked in, ... read more
Andrea53088 via - Oct 14, 2020
Breakfast we were looking for!
We were tired of our COVID breakfast at our hotel and wanted a "real" breakfast. Glad we stopped at the Moab Diner. Our server was so friendly! I ordered the #2 Diner House Pancakes and my husband ordered #1 Lions Back Breakfast. Nice serving sizes...for only $7.99 each! Very good food and we got our meal very quicky. Nice to be able ... read more
Laura P via - Oct 14, 2020
Best breakfast in Moab!
Steven Mitchell via - Oct 13, 2020
My husband and I were finally able to go on our honeymoon. This place was where we were able to have our first real meal in 2 days. The diner, staff and food was amazing. Big thank you to the diner and the very kind waitress.
Dan Guerrlich via - Oct 13, 2020
This place has been the best service ...
This place has been the best service in town for us!  They are quick, efficient and very friendly. The food was great and well priced.  Don't forget the ice cream for dessert!!
Danielle S. via - Oct 13, 2020
We love eating at the Moab Diner, especially for breakfast! The service is always quick, efficient and friendly. Everyone there works as a team to make sure you have what you need even if your table isn't in their section. The food is top notch and always comes out fast and exactly what you ordered.
Sheree Maughan via - Oct 12, 2020
Kinda crazy busy. Great service and food!
corina Guitron via - Oct 12, 2020
Tasty breakfast!
Dave Shep via - Oct 12, 2020
The employees were excellent and ...
The employees were excellent and the service was great. Got our food quick and hot. Well worth going in and eating. Breakfast was the bomb.
Carmen J. via - Oct 12, 2020
Burger and fries were great.  My ...
Burger and fries were great.  My wife enjoyed her chicken sandwich. Great, friendly service.
David T. via - Oct 12, 2020
Had an amazing breakfast!!
Kelli M via - Oct 11, 2020
Food was good and the service was very fast.
Holli Trapp via - Oct 10, 2020
Great place to eat. Fast. Friendly. And inexpensive. In Moab that's a great change!
JB's Voice via - Oct 10, 2020
amazing breakfast. great service. reasonable price. highly recommend.
amazing breakfast. great service. reasonable price. highly recommend.
Eric Plitt via - Oct 10, 2020
We had a huge breakfast here and it was amazing. The service was super quick which we greatly appreciated since we had a packed day. They have an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Planning to go back again before I leave Moab.
C4707ZOkimr via - Oct 10, 2020
Service was awesome... Food was great. Would go back for sure.
Titus Welch via - Oct 9, 2020
I'd personally avoid this place ...
I'd personally avoid this place during Covid since the food is just OK. The place was packed full like a normal diner pre-covid inside and people in Moab seem to be less keen on wearing their masks properly and consistently around others.
You'd think a tourist area would be more cautious since people are coming in from all over b
... read more
L G. via - Oct 9, 2020
Such a great place to stop and ...
Such a great place to stop and eat. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food was great. Will definitely return next time in Moab!
Cindy G. via - Oct 9, 2020
Must have banana split! Excellent wait staff!
Steve Kalidonis via - Oct 9, 2020
Breakfast and lunch
Good food at a fair price, exceptional prompt service. Hosea waited on us. Also have box lunches to take to park. Highly recommended.
Star R via - Oct 8, 2020
Great Meal
We had lunch here and it did not disappoint! The place is clean, the service fast, and employees are friendly!
BeckyP1739 via - Oct 8, 2020
Service was excellent and food amazing!!! Then the apple pie for dessert is a must. This is a Moab gem.
Emily Snyder via - Oct 8, 2020
It was ok, but a little too greasy for me ... read more
Cindy Hyatt via - Oct 8, 2020
Service was excellent and food ...
Service was excellent and food amazing!!!  Then the apple pie for dessert is a must.  This is a Moab gem.
Emily S. via - Oct 7, 2020
Awesome food
Service was excellent and food amazing!!! Then the apple pie for dessert is a must. This is a Moab gem.
Emily S via - Oct 7, 2020
Great ice cream.
Bruce Oliver via - Oct 6, 2020
Great American food and service
We had a beef fajita taco salad, fried fish, and burgers here, and all of our food was very good. We had two milkshakes as well, as those were especially good! Our server was very nice, and the restaurant was clean. This was probably food we had in all of Moab during five night stay there.More ... read more
WorldTravelers12 via - Oct 6, 2020
Awesome food
Yeah, I don’t know who the idiot was that left the bad review before I left mine. I’m here to tell you that this place is AWESOME!! I have been in every state in this country and this diner is on my top ten list...of places to go. I don’t waste my time leaving reviews on this website unless I feel that it is warranted. For a good old ... read more
V8575YYjohnd via - Oct 6, 2020
Passing through stopped in for a quick bite. From the large menu selection to the great food, we were impressed. Most importantly, the service was 10 star! The gentlemen working the front of the house were extremely friendly and on top of everything and everyone...all restaurants should follow their lead. Thanks for everything..
Bonnie Brignac via - Oct 6, 2020
We all scream for ICE CREAM! Food was good and the staff was great. They were packed but the service was very fast, waiters were literally running to make sure everyone had everything they needed asap. Hamburgers are huge!
Toya Kinnett via - Oct 6, 2020
Cheap and good food right in the middle of Moab. Friendly and fast service.
Trent Alkek via - Oct 5, 2020
Good food, amazing service!
Whitney Rickenbach via - Oct 5, 2020
Always a great breakfast ... read more
wes moore via - Oct 5, 2020
By far my favorite place to eat in Moab. Southwest chicken salad is a must try.
Katie Tidwell via - Oct 4, 2020
Pretty good, got the food fast, but the quality could have been slightly better.
Steven Warren via - Oct 4, 2020
Great Food!
Casual diner with excellent food. Lots of southwest inspired options and fantastic ice cream. The servers are the friendliest in town!
CAHarris2014 via - Oct 4, 2020
Hard working staff, fantastic food, a true diner experience. Just go. It will not disappoint but note it is closed on Sunday when we wanted to make a return visit 😢 ... read more
sylviafly via - Oct 4, 2020
Good place ... read more
larry leal via - Oct 4, 2020
Very fast and good. Esteban was a fantastic host who was really helpful. We never had to ask for our needs.
Logan Hulstine via - Oct 4, 2020
Good food, good prices and portions.
Brandon Rees via - Oct 3, 2020
A classic diner
Classic diner fare at a good price. Lots of food choices to choose from and the deserts are fantastic.
105douga via - Oct 3, 2020
Your standard diner. Menu features ...
Your standard diner. Menu features your typical diner staples but also has a few unique options.  Food comes out swiftly with no frills and just what you'd expect from a diner.  Server was very attentive and kind.  

If choosing between here and the Denny's down the street, this wins by a landslide.
Brandon E. via - Oct 3, 2020
A good old fashioned diner
Good food, good service, good biscuits! Trip Advisor wants more words, but that says it all. A good old fashioned diner.
elbgg via - Oct 2, 2020
Comida deliciosa y con sabor casero 😍
Comida deliciosa y con sabor casero 😍 ... read more
Martha L Bquez via - Oct 2, 2020
Excellent 👍 Quick, inexpensive, and good. Try the burrito.
Glenn Petrucci via - Oct 1, 2020
Great delicious food. Awesome people ... read more
Russell Pierce via - Oct 1, 2020
A great experience and the food was well prepared. Great service. Definitely a family friendly must stop in when in Moab.
Robert May via - Oct 1, 2020
Great breakfast and quick, friendly service!
Jason Peel via - Oct 1, 2020
Awesome service and good food at a good price ... read more
James Bartlett via - Oct 1, 2020
Great place to stop with our group. Food and service was great!
Great place to stop with our group. Food and service was great!
Ang Darro via - Oct 1, 2020
Really good food and definitely a popular place with the locals. Would definitely come back here again.
Jim Harrison via - Sep 30, 2020
Average food, below average service
Had breakfast here. Food was good average diner food. Ordered poached eggs and they were fully cooked yolks, not runny like I would expect. Excellent rye toast. I sat for half an hour and not one time was our coffee refilled. At breakfast, one cup...of coffee is not okay. Our unmasked waitress finally offered more as we paid our che ... read more
sd1974 via - Sep 30, 2020
Great burger, so-so shake
Had a great burger at the Moab Diner. People were friendly and attentive. Chocolate shake was not very chocolatey, but I would definitely go back there to eat! Nice diner decor.
F8864GDlauras via - Sep 30, 2020
If you've ever done amphetamines in a crowded place, then imagine that moment when you think, "I should smoke a cigarette" - that moment is the Moab Diner. Wait staff were tripping over each other, getting orders in, running food, somehow doing a great job? There was a line out the door, waiting for seating and to-go orders. They han ... read more
Josephine Gunn via - Sep 30, 2020
Very quick and great service. This is the place im going to every time i visit moab for breakfast.
Michael Irey via - Sep 30, 2020
Best $10 breakfast that I've had in a long time. Worth twice the price just because its so FLAVORFUL unlike too many other places I go to. Both my husband and I got smothered dishes. He got the chorizo burrito and I got the chorizo loaded breakfast potatoes. We will be back tomorrow!!!
Grace Cogar via - Sep 29, 2020
Food was exellent. Very thick ice cream shakes. Jose our waiter was very attentive and service was fast and served with a smile . Would recommend it highly.
Cheryl Stiles via - Sep 29, 2020
Fast service, good food, most breakfast items under $8. Perfect diner.
Karl Patfield via - Sep 28, 2020
Great place!! 4 stars? Should be ...
Great place!! 4 stars? Should be 40 stars! The chorizo skillet was wonderful! Great service and great food, tired from the hike? Get energized here!
Ibnul K. via - Sep 28, 2020
Great ice cream, but the guy handed our cones to us with his ungloved hand... full 5 fingers on waffle cone grip and everything. I'm sure he was clean but cmon man!
Daniel Ortiz via - Sep 28, 2020
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