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About Us

In the early 1960s, Moab Diner was opened under the name of Poor Boy Drive-Inn and was a popular burger joint for Moab residents for many years. As the pictures prove, Poor Boy Drive-Inn stood by its name offering Moab residents a great deal for .29 cent hamburgers. Poor Boy was a happening place with full service car hops to meet the needs of those Friday and Saturday night cruisers on Main Street of Moab. To this day, many nostalgic stories are told by long term residents who were once high school sweethearts gathering at the local hang out enjoying the fun times and great food of the Poor Boy Drive-Inn. In the late 70s, the business changed hands and became Grand Ice Cream Parlor. The enclosure of the Drive-Inn turned the establishment into a full service restaurant and the addition of a full service Ice Cream counter which still stands today. Though the roller skates and drive-in stalls were gone, the Parlor changed its menu and began serving breakfast and established itself as a popular coffee shop offering a variety of menu items. These new accommodations would pave the way for the future. In 1993, Geoff and Teri Thomas purchased Grand Ice Cream Parlor and began the development of Moab Diner. The Thomases moved to Moab from Casper, Wyoming. Since this time, the Thomases have worked at establishing Moab Diner as a viable entity that meets the needs of all its constituents.The concept you enjoy today came in a series of remodels, facelifts and improvements and is the result of many dedicated and hard working managers, staff, vendors, family and friends that are committed to making Moab Diner what it is today.

Elements such as Teamwork, Respect, Character, Commitment to Quality, Consistency, and a comfortable environment express the foundation of who we are and what you can expect as a guest of the Moab Diner.
From all of us at Moab Diner, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your dining experience and thank you for your patronage.


Geoff & Teri Thomas